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The LSFI Working Group on Climate Measurement and Reporting

(Nathalie Roth 4Climate part of Working Group)

The released LSFI report provides guidance and recommendations for financial institutions to reach net zero emission by 2050 latest. The working group has assessed a set of tools and methodologies that help the financial sector in measuring financed greenhouse gas emissions, in analysing some climate risks and opportunities and in paving the way for financing the decarbonization of the real economy and society. The guidance is contributing to making financial flows consistent with a pathway to low greenhouse gas emissions as adopted by the signatories of the Paris Agreement.

October 2023, pdf 1.2 mb  

Luxembourg Sustainability Bond Report

(Refers to 4Climate Work, special mentioning see page 47)

September 2023, pdf 15 mb

The Blue Carbon Booklet

(4Climate Lead Author)

The Blue Carbon Handbook, commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy. Nathalie Roth from 4Climate contributed as lead author to this report covering the carbon market section.

July 2023, Full Report, pdf 9.6 mb   July 2023, Summary, pdf 2.2 mb

Luxembourg Sustainability Bond Impact Report

(Refers to 4Climate Work)

July 2021, pdf 6.4 mb

Luxembourg Sustainability Bond Methodological Guide

(Nathalie Roth 4Climate Lead Author)

August 2021, pdf 710 kb

Asian Development Bank Guide to Sovereign Bonds

(Refers to 4Climate Work)

August 2021, pdf 424 kb

Sustainable Blue Infrastructure Finance – Summary

(Nathalie Roth 4Climate Co-Author)

March 2020, 4Climate contributed to IUCN report, pdf 8.6 mb

Sustainable Blue Infrastructure Finance – Full Report

March 2020, 4Climate contributed to IUCN report, pdf 10.9 mb

Technical Guidance Report «Blue Bonds: Financing Resilience of Coastal Ecosystems»

(Nathalie Roth 4Climate Lead Author)

March 2019, pdf  3.4 mb

Report «Positive Impacts Management System» for Blue Natural Capital Projects

March 2019, pdf 5.2 mb

Fonds d’investissement: « Investir pour soutenir le climat »

Paperjam plus, mai 2018 – link


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