Sustainability and Integrity

About 4Climate

4Climate s.àr.l. has been established in 2005 and is based and registered in Luxembourg. 4Climate is managed by Nathalie Roth.

4Climate operates within a core network of very experienced specialists in climate finance, climate markets, environmental science and sustainable development and can put together strong project teams to manage also larger assignments over extended periods. 4Climate offers a unique skillset due to its interdisciplinary expertise in the team and through its advisors. Key competencies of the 4Climate team are:

  • Twenty years of experience in multiple areas combining environment and finance including banking, insurance, environmental finance ratings and greenhouse gas brokerage.
  • Strong track record in developing and integrating the environmental value into the financial structure of climate projects, carbon management strategies and policies, due diligence of projects, contract negotiations and portfolio management.
  • Extensive experience in working with the private sector, government, development banks and high level committees.


There are currently no open positions at 4Climate. We are however interested to hear from potential candidates or potential partners who share the same passion for creating value from environmental projects.

For young professionals, we regularly offer internships. Please send an email to

The Logo

4Climate has chosen the kite as its logo. The kite has been used since centuries for scientific purposes. In the 19th century it has been the first vehicle to hoist meteorological instruments to high altitude.

During the early twentieth century, kites were used for measuring different atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity at a range of altitudes.

The kite can also be seen as a symbol for our children who represent our future. Children all over the world are united by the joy of playing with kites and by the amazement of the forces of nature, which drives them.