4Climate is an independent advisory company offering environmental consulting and environmental finance consulting services.

For the past 18 years 4Climate has been specializing in advising on greenhouse gas transactions, creating value for low carbon investments through different environmental markets on national and international levels.


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  • PEW Blue Carbon Financing

    4Climate advised the PEW Charitable Trust on potential financing options for coastal wetlands restoration and conservation in Belize and the Seychelles. We analyzed how both countries can deliver on their nationally determined contribution (NDC) commitments under the Paris Agreement covering blue carbon ecosystems from a financial perspective. Showing pathways to finance the restoration and conservation of these ecosystems is essential for ensuring the climate mitigation and adaptation benefits of this valuable blue natural capital. 4Climate has offered these services in partnership with Silvestrum Climate Associates, who took the lead in this assignment.

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  • Luxembourg Sovereign Sustainability Bond

    Environmental Impact Management Advisory Luxembourg has issued in September 2020 an EUR 1.5 billion sovereign sustainability bond with a 12-year maturity to finance and refinance social and green projects. Sustainability Bond Framework – Luxembourg (public.lu). 4Climate has advised the Luxembourg Sovereign Sustainability Bond Committee on environmental impact methodology development, impact assessment and reporting of the […]

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  • Blue Bonds

    Given the growing interest to use blue bonds for conservation and climate purposes, the IUCN has commissioned 4Climate, Global Ocean Trust and Silvestrum to prepare a paper that analyzes the emerging field of blue bonds. It identifies key action items necessary to scale up blue bonds so that they can been used to effectively finance coastal resilience activities and that are based on natural solutions.

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Sustainable Bond – Impact Report

September 2023, 4Climate contributed to Luxembourg’s Sustainability Bond Report
Download Sustainability Bond Report 2023: pdf

Sustainable Finance – Reporting

October 2023, Nathalie Roth has participated in the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative (LSFI) Working Group on Climate Measurement and Reporting.
Download LSFI outcome report 2023: pdf