Innovative SDG results based finance for high efficient cookstoves, Laos

4Climate advised on a public sector contribution to an initiative supporting energy efficiency activities with strong sustainable development benefits in Lao PDR. This project is currently actively looking for buyers of certified gender outcomes.
The initiative will create an enabling environment for sustainable development results-based finance in Lao PDR by encouraging investments from the private sector in high efficient and clean cookstoves. The underlying investment project in 50,000 high efficient cookstoves is managed by the Efficient Clean Cooking and Heating Programme of the World Bank ESMAP (Energy Sector Management Assistance Program).
The initiative evolves around the concept of visualizing and monetizing multi sustainable development benefits of cookstove projects, including climate, health and gender impacts to attract financing from private impact investors for such projects and thus effectively leverage public climate funding.

Worldbank News: clean cookstove, innovative financing in Lao PDR project promise results for women and climate. April 2018

The project activity has at its core project preparation activities and the creation of an enabling environment in Lao PDR for climate, health and gender results-based finance structures for high efficient clean cookstoves. The preparation activities include among others setting up a monitoring, reporting and verification system for the climate, health and gender results of the clean cookstove initiative.

    • Evaluation of options for public climate finance support for high efficient clean cookstoves in Lao PDR.
    • Education on the concept of results based finance (RBF) for projects with multiple sustainable development impacts to attract private sector investors.