IUCN Blue Natural Capital Finance

4Climate is advising the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, through its Global Marine and Polar Programme, in the process of setting up a new facility to advance financially viable coastal climate resilience projects with clear ecosystem services benefits. The aim is to integrate nature based solutions (restoration of coastal wetlands, including mangroves) with modern data systems and marine technology as well as small renewable energy and clean water solutions to strengthen the investment case for integral coastal resilience management. The facility is intended to operate for projects in developing countries, especially small island developing states. The financing facility became operational at the end of 2018 under bluenaturalcapital.org. It’s managed by IUCN and is financed by the Government of Luxembourg, using international climate finance funding. Click on our solution for more information on 4Climate’s contribution.

Coastal resilience financing through nature based solutions.

    Advising on potential revenue streams that can be generated from the very strong climate mitigation benefits (carbon storage and sequestration), climate adaptation and significant coastal protection properties of coastal wetlands (especially mangroves) and combining them with smart eco-business opportunities for a new kind of investment approach.

    • 4Climate is further contributing to the development of a Blue Natural Capital Impact Framework, which combined with an ESG Risk Assessment will provide clarity and confidence to impact investors ready to invest in the multiple benefits that coastal ecosystems can provide.
    • The Blue Natural Capital Positive Impacts Framework and its related Impact Management System has been released by IUCN in March 2019, for more details see: positive-impacts