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Reports and Publications


Luxembourg Sustainability Bond Impact Report

July 2021, pdf 6.4 mb

Luxembourg Sustainability Bond Methodological Guide

August 2021, pdf 710 kb

Asian Development Bank Guide to Sovereign Bonds

August 2021, pdf 424 kb

Sustainable Blue Infrastructure Finance – Summary

March 2020, 4Climate contributed to IUCN report, pdf 8.6 mb

Sustainable Blue Infrastructure Finance – Full Report

March 2020, 4Climate contributed to IUCN report, pdf 10.9 mb

Technical Guidance Report «Blue Bonds: Financing Resilience of Coastal Ecosystems»

pdf  3.4 mb

Report «Positive Impacts Management System» for Blue Natural Capital Projects

pdf 5.2 mb

Fonds d’investissement: « Investir pour soutenir le climat »

Paperjam plus mai 2018 – link


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